Count on Dr. Eric Choate's multi-discipline approach at SOONER SPINE & SPORTS THERAPY, with comprehensive care that will ensure your health is restored, and your pain is eliminated. He treats all accident injuries and specializes in sports & work related injuries, automobile or semi-truck accidents, as well as all personal injuries.

He fully explores the extent of your soft tissue injuries and spine alignment. He believes in offering the best treatments to his patients through a combination of spine x-ray evaluation, chiropractic care, myofascial therapy, and in-house physical therapy programs. He has successfully treated accident and whiplash victims and has extensive experience working with all levels of injuries.

After an accident, one of the best decisions you can make is to get your spine checked for spinal misalignments.  Under his program, your out-of-pocket cost is always zero. You will never personally see a bill, and there is no exception to our claim. 

His multi-treatment program can help prevent acute inflammation from spreading unimpeded throughout the injured areas. Dr. Choate's chiropractic care will also help to keep the joints mobile by removing subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae or bones of the spine) caused by the accidents.

Our clinic

SOONER SPINE & SPORTS THERAPY is designed for the purpose of treating you if you are involved in an auto accident.  Dr. Choate will know what to do for you and the uniqueness of your particular case. He has developed a program for you that addresses getting rid of your pain, aligning your spine, strengthening all muscles injured, and then building those muscles through rehabilitation. From this approach we can actively progress you back into your normal lifestyle.

Our option of treatment procedures include:

• Spinal Manipulation
• Soft Tissue Healing
• Myofascial Therapy
• In-House Physical Therapy

If you leave these aches and pains without care and attention you are allowing your body to potentially escalate these problems, likely becoming chronic. 

Dr. Choate is not interested in selling you something.  If he finds no issues or injuries, he will be happy to send you on your way. If damaged is discovered, he can address them immediately and help your body repair itself naturally, so you have the best chance of living pain-free .

Call the SOONER SPINE & SPORTS THERAPY today, and we will see you as quickly as we can.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Know your policy and rights

-According to Utah State law 31A-22-307 personal injury protection coverage and benefits for an auto accidetnt ‘covers the reasonable value of all expenses for necessary medical, chiropractic, surgical, X-ray, dental, rehabilitation, ambulances, hospital, and nursing services, not to exceed a total of $3000.00 per person’. (Your may have higher benefits…check your policy).

Know your responsibilities

-Typically, Personal Injury Protection insurance (or ‘PIP’) will cover 100% of SOONER SPINE & SPORTS THERAPY auto accident injury services rendered up to $3000 of available ‘PIP’.

When care beyond ‘PIP’ limits is necessary to achieve maximal medical improvement and another party was liable for the accident, it is highly recommended to retain the services of an attorney. Typically, any unpaid balance beyond ‘PIP’ limits is covered during settlement through the efforts of an attorney and the insurance carrier.

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